Playing with Change

Training is learning, and learning is change. When attending a training session, changes in skills, attitude or behaviour are expected from us.

Easier said than done, because our own brain is the first opponent to any change we might want to make. The brain loves the status quo, or the state of comfort it has reached up to this age. Change, i.e. something new, however small or insignificant, is perceived subconsciously as a threat. Hence, we find ourselves finding all sorts of reasons for which the change will not work.

We learn a new idea or concept in a training session, we first think it might help us, then we hear ourselves finding reasons why it might not work or why it does not apply to our case. The real “thinker” in these cases is our brain, finding excuses to remain in its current state of comfort.

The “Neuroplasticity – Playing with Change” training program is structured simply in two modules.

Module 1 – Awareness: how we react to change based on its point of origin (from inside or outside), why, what happens in the brain when we try to make changes and why some changes work and some don’t.

Module 2 – Practical tools, techniques, tips and tricks to accommodate the brain into a less resistant process towards change, thus making the change a successful process towards the desired outcome.

Here are some topics of the seminar’s agenda:

  • How to identify all the barriers (known or unknown yet) in the way of change
  • How to dismantle those logical barriers which usually generate answers like “why this will not work in our case”
  • A model designed to help implementing and sustaining the process of change so that we can start seeing long-term results right after the first day of training
  • Tips and tricks for increasing our own awareness towards future barriers and factors against change, including the 4 types of behaviours towards change (Positive, Negative, Victim and Observer) and how to work with each type of behaviour
  • The benefits of a positive attitude when confronted with unwanted changes: hormonal changes and their impact on our body, state of mind and life altogether.
  • In a nutshell, we learn how to befriend our brains with the change, not only after training, but with any kind of change we undergo in our lives, so that we can have good and lasting results towards a better personal and professional life.


WHY attending this program or contracting us to deliver it in your company?

The outcome of this program is a step-by-step process of recognizing our own behaviour, barriers and support factors concerning the changes we want or have to make in our lives. It provides implementation strategies, tools, techniques and follow-up on those changes so that we can successfully make the progress we want to see in ourselves and improve the quality of our lives.

For companies: this step-by-step process is the major part of the ROI of any previous or future training session you send your teams to attend.

For the people attending: it is about making your life easier when everything around you is changing.