I wanna leave a mark on other people's lives

This is my personal mission. I always knew I wanted to help people. I verbalized it in these exact words in January 2017, while attending my Points Of You™ International Trainer Certification Program, and I felt every word coming directly from my heart. Therefore, I am gratefully paying forward everything that I learn for myself and helps me grow.

Laura Andronescu

  • Born in 1975, under the magical sign of Scorpio

  • +20 years of HR and training in consulting companies

  • The worst enemy of change and the biggest fan of “If it’s not broken, don’t fix it!” until 2006 when i decided to leave the security of monthly steady paychecks and went freelance

  • I have always been trying to convince others that my way is the best way until 2011, when motherhood proved me so wrong

  • Constantly learning about joy, life, change, surprises, unconditional love and the incredibly high number of daily miracles from the best teacher I could ever have, my 6 year old son

  • “Lab mouse” for every successful concept, tool and technique I use in my workshops (I only teach what I know it works)

  • Nowadays mottos: ”The only constant thing in life is change” (Heraclitus) and ”He who thinks he can and he who thinks he cannot, they are both right” (Confucius, not Henry Ford, apparently…)

Laura Andronescu