The company was established in 2006 with the purpose of placing at our customers’ disposal the Human Resources consultancy and business expertise of our team members, experience which has been continuously growing since 1996.

During this period we have worked with customers from different industries (Shared Service, BPO, FMCG, automotive, finance & banking, IT and IT distribution, pharmaceutical), which made us see that every field of activity has different challenges but main basic objectives, such as increasing organizational performance and market share. We have seen that the one resource that helps our customers reach their objectives is the main resource they have: their people.

For several years already there is an increased emphasis on work – life balance, on “the state of well-being” and on “how” to get it. Employers have understood that people who are balanced in their family environment are more productive and efficient at work. This fact encouraged us to focus for the last several years on the personal development area, combining tools, techniques and concepts that help employees reach a certain state of balance in the two principal areas of one’s life: personal and professional.

Corporate Training

Personal Development

Vision, Mission, Values

Becoming a preferred partner for companies which understand that “the most valuable resource of a company is its people” is not a cliche. We would love to build together united and productive teams, based on people who love what they do and they do it passionately.

Employees give their best when they have the necessary knowledge, skills and behaviors for the positions they have within the organization. Moreover, living in the era of personal growth and social contribution, people are more inclined to leave their personal mark, their fingerprint on what they do to achieve personal and professional fulfillment. We aim to give them the necessary tools to make these two dimensions – personal and professional – meet half-way and reach the perfect balance for them.

Customer care – we really care. The success of our clients and of our training participants is our success as well.
Authenticity – we live by the values we say we have. We prove that by our daily conduct in all areas of our lives.
Involvement – every project is a baby we want to raise in a beautiful and healthy manner. And we are there 100%.
Continuous learning – the only way we can help others learn and grow is if we do it ourselves first.
Genuine communication – life has proved us all that all problems have a major cause: lack of genuine communication. That is why we are the first to share our ideas, points of view and concerns, and we also bring solutions to the problems we identify. Just like we teach others to do.

I wanna leave a mark on other people's lives

This is my personal mission. I always knew I wanted to help people. I verbalized it in these exact words in January 2017, while attending my Points Of You™ International Trainer Certification Program, and I felt every word coming directly from my heart. Therefore, I am gratefully paying forward everything that I learn for myself and helps me grow.

Laura Andronescu

  • Born in 1975, under the magical sign of Scorpio

  • +20 years of HR and training in consulting companies

  • The worst enemy of change and the biggest fan of “If it’s not broken, don’t fix it!” until 2006 when i decided to leave the security of monthly steady paychecks and went freelance

  • I have always been trying to convince others that my way is the best way until 2011, when motherhood proved me so wrong

  • Constantly learning about joy, life, change, surprises, unconditional love and the incredibly high number of daily miracles from the best teacher I could ever have, my 6 year old son

  • “Lab mouse” for every successful concept, tool and technique I use in my workshops (I only teach what I know it works)

  • Nowadays mottos: ”The only constant thing in life is change” (Heraclitus) and ”He who thinks he can and he who thinks he cannot, they are both right” (Confucius, not Henry Ford, apparently…)